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依据名记Woj与Shams报导,黄蜂用13号签选中杜伦,尼克斯随后买卖得到杜伦,然后将13号秀和沃克一同打包送至了活塞,活塞出了一个2025年来自雄鹿的首轮签。黄蜂获得了未来4个次轮签,随后依据记者报导估计沃克和活塞将评论买断,沃克最终一年的年薪是916万美元。So basically he’s not gonna play with the pistons he’s gonna become a free agent所以基本上他(沃克)不会在活塞打球了,他会成为自在球员Small guards go from all star to barely in the league in like 2 years once they lose that first step小后卫一旦失掉第一步,就会在两年内从全明星球员沦落到几乎不能在联盟中安身(意指沃克遭到伤病影响无人问津)Kemba Walker had a shot at taking his OKC rehab. He declined and hasn’t been the same since.肯巴沃克曾有机会在雷霆进行恢复医治。他拒绝了,之后就变了个人。Announce the nets downfall and the rockets owning their future宣告篮网的式微和火箭具有未来WHAT DID THE KNICKS GET IN ANY OF THESE TRADES WOJ YOU REPORTED “MULTIPLE PICKS” OVER A HALF HOUR AGO AND NEVER ELABORATED尼克斯在这些买卖中得到了什么?你半小时前说的是“多个选秀权”,但从未详细阐明。so the knicks just traded duren and kemba for free?所以尼克斯仅仅免费买卖了杜伦和肯巴(沃克)?So the Knicks traded pick 11 for multiple first picks, then trade a pick to Detroit to get rid of kemba and get nothing. Only Dolan can do that所以尼克斯队用11号签换来了多个首轮选秀权,然后将一个选秀权买卖给底特律(活塞),以脱节肯巴(沃克),什么也没得到I’m still sitting here tryna figure out what the Knicks did.我还坐在这儿,想弄清楚尼克斯队究竟干了什么。What we need to do is keep Kemba to coach our young guys for the year. What is that going to hurt? We have plenty of cap space.咱们需求做的是让肯巴(沃克)执教咱们的年青球员一年。那会有什么损伤呢?咱们有满足的薪水空间。He not that guy no more, who tf wants him after a buyout?他不再是(本来)那个人了,被买断后谁还要他?Man that team might have a future. He might want to stay店员,那支球队或许会有未来。他或许想留下来He’s going to get paid by three teams next season.下赛季他将得到三支球队的薪水。Here’s hoping he cashes every last dollar of that deal期望他(沃克)能把这笔买卖的每一分钱都实现Kemba should have just stayed in Charlotte thi is embarrassing肯巴(沃克)应该留在夏洛特(黄蜂)的,这太为难了So pistons traded the 13 overall pick for Kemba Walker? Why?所以活塞用13顺位签换了肯巴·沃克?为什么?Imagine being traded twice within 2 minutes after you’re drafted幻想一下在你被选中后的2分钟内被买卖两次(13号秀太难了)Knicks traded with the Pistons and didn’t get the player they wanted尼克斯和活塞买卖,但没有得到他们想要的球员And we got nothing in return. Oh wait we also lost a first rounder.然后咱们没有得到任何报答。哦,等等,咱们还失掉了一个首轮。Did the Knicks just trade Kemba for a lottery pick?尼克斯仅仅用肯巴(沃克)换来乐透签吗?I like this trade and wish Kemba nothing but the best我喜爱这个买卖,期望肯巴一切顺利!写在最终:选秀夜三方买卖在情理之中,从现在来看,沃克的遭受是令人同情的,假设尼克斯真的是为了脱节他的合同,那就太为难了!


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